How to pay Fee and get Receipt through AMS ERP Website?

Log in using Username and Password ( the number which you get SMS from school is both username and password)

you will be redirected to a home page and name of your child will be shown

Select your student, then you will be taken to a dashboard as shown below

On right side top, you will be able to see a Red colour “Fee payment” icon

Click the icon,

Automatically you will be in fee payment option, fees to be paid will be auto ticked,

And if want to pay for next month too, tick the month to be paid.

Just below you can see

Click Mode of Pay to Online Payment! Then, Total amount will be displayed and Make payment.

it will be redirected to below page

and Make Payment!

The Receipt can be generated by following these steps :

  1. Click on paid details, then appears paid details of the present academic year

2. To get receipt, tick the needed details and click on generate receipt button which is at bottom of the list.

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