Freedom from anger!

The CBSE has asked all schools affiliated to it to become “anger-free zones” where everyone – teachers, parents, and administration staff – will try to manage their anger to set an example for children and teach them the value of “freedom from anger“. This would help students become mentally active […]

E-learning 2020: Broadening the scope of education

Over the last few years, there has been a gradual shift from marks-based academic curriculum to life-based overall development—to reduce the gap between what students study and what industry requires from them. Here are the education trends that we will see in 2020 and beyond. Augmented reality: AR changes timing and […]

New exam pattern for CBSE board Exam 10 & 12

Earlier the officials of CBSE have introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Exam Pattern in the year 2008 and this CBSE exam pattern continued till now. During the 2019 board exams, the internal assessment was 20 percent of the total marks and Science and Arts subjects will carry the same […]

The biggest celestial event of 2019 begins

Several parts of the country, including Odisha, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Delhi, are witnessing a solar eclipse, which is said to the last one of the decade. The annular solar eclipse began at around 8 am on Thursday morning. The December 26 solar eclipse is what is […]

Academic credit bank on the anvil

The University Grants Commission ( UGC ) has come up with an innovative proposal of setting up of a National Academic Credit ( NAC ) Bank, a virtual entity catering to the academic needs of the student. The NAC-Bank, according to the circular, is likely to function like a Commercial […]